Shout out to Southwest Kia in Mesquite
Photo: Me

So I drove one.

I picked up Genie with her new water pump and the rear door handle cap replaced today. I asked sales if they had a Stinger to take out, and they said sure I got a red GT1. They didn’t want me putting too many miles on it, but I didn’t have that much time anyway. The young sales lady sat in the back seat, but she only spoke when I spoke to her. Very un-sales like and very appreciated.


The seat was very comfortable with good bolstering. The car felt tight and composed and handled great as far as I could test it on straight suburban streets in a light rain. NVH was good, except a little extra street noise through the windows. I am spoiled by the K900, so take that with my perspective in mind

The engine noise is music to my ears acceleration is great I really like this car. I also like the look it appeals to what boy racer is still left in me.

Ask me anything else you want to know

Scooby was glad to have Genie home She jumped right on and started licking the rain drops. Cats are weird.


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