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What to buy?

I need help oppo, I am working on selling my current car and need advice on the next one.

I sold my e46 M3 a couple of months ago that I absolutely loved and now I am going crazy without a weekend toy and autocrosser.  I need track time to stay sane, so I need something that will kick ass on the course.  The problem is my ever increasing family size.  As a compromise I am selling my Phaeton and looking for a high performance semi-luxury autocrosser for less than $17k.

So far I have narrowed it down to an e39 M5 or a first gen CTS-V.  I know the M5 is going to be better on the track, but I never really liked that body style. I can't afford the new body styles of either car.  What are your thoughts and what cars should I add to the list?

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