So right now I've got a 2006 330XI and a 2013 FR-S. The car I'm focusing on here is the FR-S.

I love the way the FR-S handles, I've got KW V3's and a few bushings and I really can't get enough. I've won multiple auto-x with it by a fairly large margin and I really don't want to give it up.

However, the FR-S is too slow for my liking. I'd like change it up and get something similar, but different.

Basically my ideal car is an e46 M3, I think. However I've never driven one, and I don't know if I'll enjoy it as much as the FR-S. I'm also considering a used Cayman but I'm not really struck on the look of porsches, or their reputation for being super expensive to fix.

I apologize if my thoughts are scattered I'm trying to write this while at work.

Any recommendations? Thoughts?

A pic for your trouble.