So I've been off and on about selling my 944 race car. I put it up for sale on the 944Spec forum a while back and only got a few nibbles, all of them low-balls. The car has a fresh motor, but needs a few things to be race-legal (master shut off, new seat & belts), though it's all good for track days.

The poor car has been sitting for the past 4 months and I need to do something with it before it rots or critters start to make it a home. Do I sell it for whatever I can get (was told that $7K is reasonable, but now I'll let it go for $5K) or do I keep it and ruin it as a 944Spec car, but build something awesome with it?

My plan since I decided to sell was to put the money towards a LS build. Buy a junkyard motor, strip it down, and rebuild with super-solid parts. Then I'd buy a shell (s-chassis, 2nd gen RX7, or something else...), strip it, cage it, and build it up. That all sounds fun, but it will be expensive and a long-term project (especially long since I have two small kids to distract me).

If I keep the 944 it would go like this: strip out the Autopower bolt-in cage and get a custom one installed (more room and safety). Start doing track days with it again. Maybe blow the motor (again) or transaxle and either spend a bunch of money fixing it (again) or spend a bunch of money transplanting a LS-motor (POWWER!!). The downside of the LS-swap on this particular car would be that it would mean a lot of work on a platform that's not really great for it. I'd need to replace the transaxle with a turbo version (LSD and better ratios) and upgrade all the brakes and bigger wheels to fit the bigger brakes. The concern with the swap is always the transaxle grenading (can "grenade" be a verb?) under the torque and those aren't cheap.

Either way, if it doesn't sell by October, I'm going to run it at Cal Speedway so it at least gets to move.


What do y'all think?