I think there is a 50/50 chance I am offered a job at a different company, still as a residential drafter. Right now, I work for a very small company, just my boss who does all the client meeting and designs, another drafter, and a couple space killers(his wife and a useless secretary). The houses are the equivalent to a Bentley, beautifully detail, 6000 sqft, 3 car garage on average. All I do is take his designs and product the construction documents. The new company i guess would be more like a Ford. Its your average house, 2000-3000 sq ft maybe a 2 car garage maybe not, but still a nice desirable house for the average person. However with this place there is room to grow, probably meet with clients, and eventually produce design work. So I guess it could be considered as a job either drawing Bentley or driving Fords.

Its questionable whether they pick me up or not because they were looking for someone with basic experience but I have so much more than that, it showed them a plan B that was never considered before and seemed quite appetizing. I met with a builder over the weekend and he thought it sounded like a good experience and even said after a couple years, i’d be the kind of guy he;d look to hire to run part of his business. (this conversation took place on his rear deck overlooking the water ~$3m house, neighbor had a Tesla)

We didn;t discuss salary but the big difference is health care, which assuming the same plan, would put about $800 a month back in my pocket (30% coverage vs 80%), they also have a 401k. Here I get to wear whatever I want and I get out at 330, where as the other place would probably be more professional attire and maybe a later release time. (I might ask to work from home 1 day a week) The down side is my commute would go from 25 minutes/15 miles to about 55 minutes 50 miles. Thats a lot of miles and I dont know if i want to do that to a WRX of just give no shits and do it. What do you guys think? Would you get rid of the WRX? would you take the job? HELP!!!!!!