I know the obvious answer is “TAKE IT” but here me out. The car is a 1995 Range Rover Classic. No no no hear me out! I have valid reasons for not being sure about this.


So picture me and the SO at a Memorial Day party at a friend’s house. All my friends in common with the hosts are out of town, so I was forced to socialize with strangers! I know, I can’t think of anything worse either.

Ok so we’re talking with said strangers and the topic starts to drift to cars. Not wanting to be that guy I let the first few whiffs these might be serious car people pass... right until they mention the Bentley. Turns out this guy, lets call him Scott... because that is his name... owns both a ‘57 Bentley and a early 90s Bentley! :swoon:

At this point I want to know everything about everything and he is happy to oblige.


Eventually the conversation drifts to my Disco, at which point I get quizzed by another gentlemen about all the common Disco faults: sunroof drains, head gaskets, three amigos, etc. This other guy clearly knew his shit and was happy to see that I knew mine. I guess he purchased a D2 new back in the day so he got to live through all of that!

Anyway, turns out like half the people at that party were serious car nuts and we had a great time talking about all the various junkers and classics we’ve owned.


The Car

So as it turns out Scott has quite the fleet of inop vehicles and the city has not-so-kindly asked him to thin the herd a bit. As a result, he offhandedly offered to give me a Range Rover Classic that he has been unable to make run.


It has a new engine and will run off starting fluid, but he thinks that maybe he messed something up when he changed the fuel pump. (I have some thoughts on that)

I know no other details on this car other than: new engine and fuel pump, won’t run, is free


The Situation

I already have one needy Land Rover and don’t feel a special need to own two.

Also, I didn’t express interest at the time (I didn’t know how to react) nor did I get his contact info.


Further, we live in a very urban area and that would be the seventh car living at my house. (Eight technically, but whatever)

I do like the Range Rover Classic and the price is right...

So what do I do?

I can get this guys info either from the hosts, or facebook. That is easy.

I can figure out how to tow the thing back to my place. That is less easy, but do-able.


It sounds like a fun toy...

What say you oppo?

Doggo pretending to be laundry, for your time.