What to do in Ft. Wayne?

Gonna be making a trip to Fort Wayne next Saturday to pick up a new bumper for my wife’s Kia. Anything we need to check out while we’re there? Food, sights, car related or not? Not gonna be spending too much time there since it’ll be a four hour drive each way but we’ll spend a couple hours getting lunch etc if anybody has suggestions. My carma has not been great the last month, wife scraped a Rubicon in a Starbucks parking lot, no damage to the Jeep but being the coldest day of the year her bumper just shattered. Then sitting parked with the ignition off taking my break in my work truck somebody rear ended me trying to park directly behind me, luckily the hitch saved me. And then dropping a bid off at a library in my personal car the lady in front of me decided to back up to get a primo parking spot and despite me laying on the horn just backed right into my front bumper, also minimal damage and it’s a $1000 car so not worth the bother but still very frustrating.


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