So! After having graduated, gotten married and moved into the Mother-in-laws house(free antebellum house living why not) in the last month, I am adding another to the list tomorrow after the paperwork goes through(not a car, yet). What that leaves me to is 2 things.

1) Save for a house and

2) Get a fun car.

The house is a bit out so I’m not worried about it, just the effort of saving for it. The car in the other hand is going to take me forever to figure out. My thought right is I want a turbo, manual, impractical car with RWD and new car features and reliability. My thoughts as of now are FR-S or newer 86. If I go the used route, then Turbo now. If I go used-new 86 route then Turbo in a couple years after warranty. My dad said he would help with the turbo so it’s just parts cost. Any thoughts?

I’m hoping I could find one in this lovely shade.

Other option my dad pointed out. 3rd gen Supra T with T top.


Also... forgot the MR2 as an option. Holy crap so many options all the sudden.