So many of you have seen my current project, the 1964 Chevelle Malibu Rust box.

The current issue I am wrestling with is do I sell the project. I have not had a chance to work on it in over a year, it has just been sitting. I like the car but I have never driven it as I got it non running. My dream Family car is a 55-58 Chevy Nomad partially due to calling my daughter a Nomad for the first week of her life (I think we spent only about 2 ours that week at our actual apartment)(Slightly long story).


The issues I have with the Chevelle besides time to finish it, which is very hard to find with a full time job and a toddler. I’m going to break down the work required into Time, Purchase, sections


Weld Front floor boards/Fire wall.
Weld in new trunk floor
Patch holes in rear floor
Patch holes in inner fender wells
Patch holes in lower inner/outer rockers
Patch holes in doors
Patch various other body holes
Finish frame welding
Body work to paint
Wire car electrically (have the kit)
Install brake lines and master cylinder (came with the 4 wheel kit)
Install Fuel lines
Fix suspension issues
Install suspension bushings
Reattach exhaust system
Bleed brakes
Align car
Set up TV Cable Setup
Create throttle cable setup


New Radiator
Radiator fan
Springs F/R
Front control arms upper/lower
Air Conditioning (optional for now)
Power Steering box (have the kit to convert)
Sifter for transmission
Drive shaft
Fuel lines
Front seats of some kind (none in the car)
Interior (there is nothing )
Wiper motor
Washer Tank
Throttle cable

I’m sure I am missing stuff for both. The issue is if I sell it I might be at a loss for all the body parts I bought. 4 Doors are not that popular, though I would probably keep the engine/transmission for another project since its a 0 mile engine 0 mile trans. I have at least 3k into the engine and transmission alone.

If I could get 3k for the body/frame/brake kit I would be happy. Its a small loss but I just don’t know if I have time to finish it. But I am not even sure I could get that. So Oppo what would you do.. Cause I need opinions.

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