As I suspected, now that I got my Frontier as a DD, I sadly don’t find myself driving the MR2 much anymore. If it’s a nice day and I want to go for a spirited drive, I’d rather take the SV650. If it’s not a nice day or I just want to be comfy, I’ll take my truck.

Needs moar negative camber!

The one purpose left for it would be for autocross and the occasional track day. The problem there is that the engine swap bumps me to a Mod class where the car has no hope of being competitive unless I go full racecar including hoosiers, gutted interior, coilovers, and serious engine build to get a lot more horsepower. Alternatively I could try to swap back to a stock engine, but that would a lot of time and effort to just lose 50 hp. That’s no fun at all...


Damn, she really cleans up nice

Of course I could just keep racing it for fun as I have been doing, but I tend to be pretty competitive and goal oriented so autocross just isn’t as fun when the Vette’s, SR20 swapped 240's, and turbo’d Elise’s are wiping the floor with me. And if I won’t be competitive I find it hard to justify spending money on good tires (which it needs, the tires on it now are shot) and other go-fast parts, especially when I’d rather spend that money on motorcycle stuff.

So I’m thinking about selling it :(

So what say you Oppo? What would you do with the MR2? Should it stay or should it go?