We still don’t know what to do with Tucker yet. But while we figure it out, I took the liberty of asking both the apartment office and local police if my parking configuration is okay...they have no issue with it!

I want to keep Tucker. Ultimately, that’s a bad idea...he’s a money pit...but gosh, I’d love to turn him into an off-roader.


Miss Tesla wants him gone so we can use the profits to build an awesome gaming computer. Honestly, her idea is more logical than mine. Even though we have the income to have two cars, we honestly don’t have a need for two vehicles. But, all of our computers are like 10 years old, so we kinda need an update in that department.

We’re getting ready to sell him to get an awesome computer with cash to spare, but for now I’m like a celebrity at my apartment complex. The two smarts stick out in the crowd, loud and proud. xD

Edit for clarification: We are selling Tucker because we don’t need two cars...but my crazy mind keeps going “but look at the potential!”

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