As someone who is not mechanically inclined, I am going to help those like me with 1 simple tip to make changing a tire in the winter more bearable. Make sure you have some gloves in your car! I was a liberal arts major in college (yes that psych degree makes a darn good blanket in the cold), and even though science was not my forte, I did re-learn the properties of metal in cold weather this morning at 6 a.m., in the dark, in 10 degrees. So this funny thing happens with metal when it's cold out. It gets cold too! Imagine that...because SCIENCE! So it stands to reason that your tire iron will be cold too. And your tire, and your spare. Oh and guess what else happens. If you guessed that your hands will become numb rather quickly, you deserve a cookie.

So this brings me back to my original tip. Have some gloves with you. Take it from me when this is the second time I have had a flat this winter in close to single digit temperatures. You'd think I would have learned this first time.

Oh and then I was on the highway and the car started to shake and the gear box felt pretty shitty, but I limped to work and brought it to our Autotech program and they are going to check that out. Some of the perks to doing IT for a public school is the wealth of vocational type programs. We come running when they have a computer problem, they take our car quicker when we have a problem.

Have a day people