I did a podcast a while back called “Don’t Buy An RV.” It has the most views/listens of any of my episodes but it appears that some people insist on buying RVs anyway. I suspected that would happen. So here is what you need to know if you are throwing caution to the wind.

Even in my original podcast/video, I pointed out that I was being a bit tongue-in-cheek. Obviously, there are many reasons a person might want to buy an RV. But that does not mean you should ignore common sense. Know what the laws do and do not cover (in most states, the Lemon Law does not cover RVs) and do your homework.

And consider renting one first. That might get it out of your system and it might also enlighten you on how much you really enjoy driving a small house down the highway.

Here is the audio:


And the video.

And the pic at the top is me with Wolfy. Wolfy passed away Monday, February 6, 2017 at the age of 15. That’s rather high mileage for a sheltie. Most websites give them an age span of no longer than 12. He will be missed.


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