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What Track Car Should I Buy?

Back in May, I bought a 15’ WRX to use as a track car. It’s fantastic at autocross, but has an annoying habit of overboosting on a racetrack straightaway. It’s fixable, but only if I mess with the ECU and void the warranty. So I’m selling/replacing it.

That begs the question: what track car do I get? My criteria are as follows:

1). $30K budget ($35K if it’s really special)

2). Must be extremely reliabiable. So no BMW’s.

3). Must be naturally aspirated. I’m not risking any more overboosting BS.

4). Must be manual (obviously)

5). Must be quick. I do HPDE with the Porsche Club, and it’s not safe if your car is so slow that you’re constantly looking behind you and giving the pass signal. My WRX can hold its own, but barely.


Here’s what I’ve come up with: so far


C6 Corvette:

Highest performance / dollar ratio. I’m looking at an 08+ base model, which comes with the newer LS3 and gearbox. With 430 hp, it can easily hold its own against the 911’s I’ll be driving with.


Porsche Cayman:

Best all-rounder. With my budget, I’m stuck with base models. And I’d have to get a 2009+ to avoid the IMS issue. In terms of power, it’s even with the WRX, but it’s lighter and more nimble.


Honda S2000:

The curveball. My budget will buy the world’s best AP2 S2000. I’d love a CR version, but they’re rarer than lactose-intolerant cheese makers. I’m concerned about power. My WRX is already one of the slower cars at HPDE. I’ll have to test drive one, but 240hp and zero torque is probably not enough.

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