OK, this is the main music you will have to use. One can add in another piece, but majority of the review, this song has to be used up in full. BBC production orders. Now, the question is this: what two cars would you review and where would you review them?


  • Your first car for this test will have to be MY2014 to MY2018 cars, from tier 2 sports cars (the cars directly above the Miata in performance and price) to hypercars, as well as super saloons/wagons and superfast sport touring cars (like the Bentley Continental GT). Convertible models are allowed in.
  • The second car, then, will have to be a comparable car from the same manufacturer, from MY1950 to MY1999.
  • Provide a Google Maps link to the road you’ll be driving on. This will be the route you’ll be driving the two cars on—it’s essentially a there-and-back route.

There. Easy, isn’t it?

Here are my review cars:


And the road?


This is my route. A spirited 6-hour drive to beat the sunrise (in the 365 Daytona) and the sunset (in the GTC4 Lusso), running the southeast and north side of Laguna de Bay, on twisty switchback roads.