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What's Up With This

In my endless search for a unicorn (non-rusty truck in New England) I came across what looked like a promising specimen this morning. A 2006 Silverado 1500 with a plow, but only 55k miles. This couldn’t have been a daily driver, or not likely. Hopefully it lived in a garage? But it does have a plow. Anyway, it looks clean, but the ad is a bunch of garbage:

2006 Chevy 1500 z71 4X4 with only 55k orignal miles with fisher mm2 plow runs and drives great new frobt wheel bearings and a arms no rust or rot solid frame, rockers, cab corners, wheel wells etc just in time for plow season $12,495 call or text 6.0.3-2.4.7-


Link to ad

Pics are in the dark rain (it was dark and rainy last night, when the ad was posted) and... there’s a dealer plate on it. Hmmmmm “Other Ads By User” CLICK

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And four more in “Nearby Areas”

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Including, notably:


Yeah... what? But back on topic!

This guy seems to have a dealer license. Why, then, are all these pictures taken at different locations. It makes it LOOK like a private sale, but it isn’t. Is that because these are trade-ins that are too shitty for his normal inventory, or have some weird title issue, or... they’re maybe a famous NFL player’s party bus with the wrap job stripped off? Is this super shady? Or just normal used-car business?


Should I even bother contacting him about the truck, or should the other listings be enough evidence of general shadiness to run fast and far?

Link in case kinja or curiosity

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