If you don’t want one, still pick one. Because I said so.
For my Escort, I’ve considered ESCCART or DIRTY, but I’d probably fill out the rest of the application with a few stupider references. CALL GRL, etc.

The Soul would probably have better luck of getting one approved. SEOUL, first and foremost. (Maybe OF SEOUL?) Then DE LA, TRAIN, LOST... you know, a whole bunch of cheesy things.


If I had an exotic car, I actually would spring for one. ITSACAR, ITS OKAY, BORING, CAMRY, COROLLA, UGLY, etc. Hell, going along with that first one, maybe NOTACAR just to confuse people.

If I had a Camaro, I would try to get some variation of BITCHIN to slip through.

And if I had a tan Cutlass Ciera, it would be DLR. When someone finally gets the reference, it will have been worth it.

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