Volvo makes an excellent product, even if half of their range is roughly 3,800 years old. But, like all good things, there could be some change.

Volvo needs to kill the V60 Cross Country. Yeah, everybody is saying it is a great...whatever it is, but they already make the XC70. Also, we all know that it is going to steal sales from the V60. I really do not want to see that happen, as wagon’s are the best. The best. THE BEST.

We saw this before with Subaru. The sales of the Legacy wagon were good, and then Subaru introduced the Outback in 1997. The Outback immediately took off, it actually saved Subaru in the U.S. A few years later, sadly, the Outback’s success killed the Legacy wagon.

It even happened with Volvo. When the XC70 came out in 1997, sales also took off like the Outback (Coincidentally, both the XC70/V70 XC and the Subaru Outback were introduced in the same year, for the U.S market). And, low and behold, the wagon version of the same car, the V70 was dead by 2010.

The V70 soldiered on for three years of poor sales, after the Legacy wagon’s unfortunate death.


Because of this, I think it was dumb of Volvo to even introduce the V60 for America, just to release the V60 Cross Country a few months later. In a way, Volvo is killing the V60’s sales just after they begin. Does Volvo not want to profit off the V60 in America? Does Volvo even want to sell the V60 here?

I really like the V60 (especially in Polestar form, and in Rebel Blue. It reminds me of the Billy Idol song.), and it would be very sad to see it leave our shores, after a short stint on the market. Sadly, I do think this will be the case.

As we all know, wagons do not sell in the land of freedom and mozzarella sticks, and I really d not want the Volvo V60 to become another statistic.