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Went to a hipster lunch place for a coworkers birthday. It was called Limeade and biscuits. None of us knew what to expect but we went because it was silly. This thing above is called “The Titanic” and unlike its namesake it did not go down easily (DAD JOKES!). It’s lettuce (iceberg...get it!) Tomatos, A fried Chicken breast bacon pickles and some sickly terrible super hot and sweet mustard and an overcooked biscuit as ill suited to be a bun replacement as I would be. It wasn’t bad (aside from the mustard which was too hot...not mustard hot, some kind of pepper hot...and too sweet at the same time). It was the mango salsa of mustard, but somehow worse (no! you’re wrong, it’s terrible).


It wouldn’t be so bad but it was $12, it also came with a hand full of tortilla chips (?) and a thimble of lime salsa (not bad). You want Limeade? $4. It wasn’t even good.

Shockingly popular.

The good news is that today I’m having the best brisket In Utah for lunch. So, YES!

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