And why was it Forza 4?

I mean we have Forza 7, with its high detail graphics, hundreds of cars, loads of tracks, with variants of just about each one, varying weather, day and night racing. Why do people look back on Forza 4 with such longing? I mean we even have the open world of Horizon, where you can go anywhere, do just about anything you could dream of in a racing game. Are we looking back with rose tinted glasses, or was it really the perfect game?


Well fear not, because Forza Motorsport 4 MAY be coming to backwards compatibility, so we will be able to really see whether this game was perfect.

Personally, I think the game was great, especially when you compare it to Forza 5, which was a rush job, and a complete dumpster fire. I’ve tried to go back and play it a few times, and just can’t. So I figure most of the perception that the game is so amazing comes because what was after was hot garbage.

Anyone else hoping it actually comes to backwards compatibility?