What was the first time you did something you didn’t mean to do in a car, that caused damage to your car or the thing you hit?

For me it was about 3 months after I got my licence, in my 92 Camry, my first car. I was showing off in a snowy parking lot doing e-brake slides. but I hit a patch of ice, and did a complete 180 and found myself going 25 mph backwards. I didn’t stop until my rear bumper hit a concrete block wall. Just like this one. it just divided the McDonald’s parking lot I was in, and the hotel parking lot next to it, it was about 8 feet tall.


I was so scared. I was still living with my parents, and I was like “oh crap, what is my Dad going to say when he sees that my rear bumper is smashed in?!” That was until I got out to look at the car. There was zero damage to the car, well, maybe a bit of cracked paint. The wall however didn’t fair so well. about ten of the blocks were cracked. For a good 3 years I laughed every time I saw that wall.

and here is a picture of what I wished my Camry looked like, when I was 18.

Oh and the next accident after that? I was backing up my Tacoma, and hit a tree. I didn’t know the tailgate was down, so I thought I still had room. Put a pretty nice tree shaped dent on the top of the tailgate.

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