Its been a couple weeks...spoiler statute waived.

My Favorite part came down to a simple exhange between Lauda and his new mechanic at Ferrari after his first lap in the Ferrari F1 car...

Mechanic: "How was it?"
Niki Lauda: "It's Terrible. Handles like a pig"
Mechanic: "You can't say that" (whispers)
Niki Lauda: "Why not?"
Mechanic: "It's a Ferrari" (loudly)
Niki Lauda: "It's a s***box. It understeers like crazy and the weight distribution is a disaster. It's amazing, all these facilities and you make a piece of s*** like this"

Had me in stitches...I imagine that's what the Mclaren 12c guys said after they got out of the 458.


So what was your favorite?

PS Anyone find it ironic that McLaren then went on to be "technical" car brand where Ferrari went for "passion"?...The companies seemed to take on the indentity of their rival drivers...


"I guess wise men DO learn more from their enemies, than a fool from their friends." - NL