What Well-Hated Car Today (Race Car or Road Car) Are You Still Rooting For?

It’s easy to find a car that failed, a car that didn’t live up to expectations, or a car that was simply doomed and shit on it repeatedly. We’ve been there, and a lot of us here on Oppo are guilty of the crime. And yet there are still cars that many hate that we still love, or at least still support.

For me, it’s Nissan’s prototype racer, the GT-R LM NISMO.

There’s a substantial amount of blokes who said Nissan should just give up, pack up, quit, go home, cry in shame, and just make a mid-engined prototype to be remotely competitive in the WEC or commit seppuku just like Mitsubishi. And then they attack those who still think it’s a viable idea.


But I still root for the car and the team. It’s one bloody insane car, but it works—not the KERS system, which greatly hampered performance, but still, it doesn’t understeer as pitifully as worried and is quite fast on the big straights. Of course, they’ve yet to sort out everything else that isn’t good, but I’m giving them a chance. They have all winter and spring to finally nail it, and I’m plugging for them to get there.

I’m sure you have a current car that you still cheer for and have high hopes of being good, even if others have said “fuck it, and fuck you”. Share yours in the comments.

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