What Went Wrong?

Need your collective wisdom for car repair help. My 530i took a crap on me this morning.

Background: I’m supposed to be driving it 1800 miles to North Carolina this week. Took it to do an oil change today and put summer tires back on (yeah I’m late). I had an idiot moment and ran the car approx 20 seconds with the oil filter (and cap) off while repositioning it to lift better. I’d say about a quart and a half leaked out. The car drove perfect yesterday.


Oil change gets done without issue. Drive it to a car wash (1.5 miles) to get the oil cleaned out from underneath. There was some squeaking that I assumed was oil that had gone from the filter housing to the belt when I ran it open. I let the sprayers rinse under the engine for a while (20 seconds?). I park it and the brake pedal gets super firm. It did this last time a few weeks ago too. I accidentally hit the gas pedal while parked inside the car wash. I don’t know if any water got sucked into the exhaust but I doubt that would be my issue.

Go to pull out and it stalls. Several restart attempts and I can get it running long enough to get out of the wash rack. It sounds terrible - like there’s no oil in the engine. I figure I had one idiot moment, better make sure there’s oil in it. There is, it’s full.


Let it sit a few minutes and restart it long enough to limp to a parking space 30 feet away. It stalls halfway.

It sounds like a combination of:

No fuel being injected (just keep trying to turn over without success) and when/if running, not getting above 200 RPMs or so and;

No oil - that horrible knocking noise.

It drove to the car wash just fine. Not finding much help on forums and all the repair shops are closed for the weekend. I’ve attached a video, turn the volume up for the second half of it to hear the knocking.


Any ideas?

PS: details: M54B30 engine, 177k miles, no issues before

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