What will be the defining design characteristics of the twenty-teens?

You know what I'm talking about. Design features that were so ubiquitous for a short while that they will never not be associated with the decade they ruled.

The fifties had the massive chromed grills and tail fins.


(That booty got bling)

The eighties had these ... things*


Every car in the nineties looked like a blob of dough.


(Hyundai dealer lot. ca 1996)

The twenty-noughties saw the "retro wave" destroy all semblance of good taste.


(2004 PT Cruiser)

So, what do you guys think will be considered "typical twenty-teens" 10-20 years from now? Obviously-LED-LED-Lights? Elephantiasis-style-combi-coupé-CLS-clones?


*Author realizes popup headlights were also ubiquitous in the seventies and nineties, but come on...

**Author doesn't actually dislike popup headlights, but they've had their time.

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