What will Oppo drive to work today (includes a photodump)

It´s six thirty* in the morning and I am ready to get inside my Jeep for one of the last few times before its sold, which reminded me, what do you guys drive?

since its being sold, you can enjoy my registration plates, the internet.

what is your pride and joy? your faithful steed? transporting you everyday to your nine to five, or in my case seven to one?


I suppose you have interesting cars just aching to be shown on the internet.

and if my CAD professor goes on another 45 minute tangent about his time working as an engineer in General Motors and how he was invited to have diner with an exec... well... I will appreciate your cars... on my phone as he doesn’t teach us CAD.

Enjoy some M cars for your time, all procured by me, hence the quality:


But don´t enjoy yourself too much! have an annoying vespa:


*: I scheduled this correctly this time, it should appear at around 9:00 KST (Kinja Standard Time)

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