We all have our Dream garages. You know, the ones with 8 Ferraris, a few 80s M cars, Ford GTs, and a Corvette ZR1. But, what about the dream garages with cars that will work for you, your family, and your job? Those are the ones not many people think about when the term "Dream Garage" is used. But I wanna know, what would yours be?

Mine would consist of two relatively cheap used cars. Both from the same brand, and same parent company. Both also use common engines, so parts would be simple to find.

My practical daily driver would be a Vue Redline:

Room for 5, 260 horsepower V6, available AWD, plus it can haul a huge amount of things with the rear seats down. Not to mention it's quite the looker in red. These can be found for around $15,000 with around 50,000.


My weekend toy would be a Sky Redline:

Turbocharged engine making 260 horsepower mated to a 5 speed manual. Same turbocharged engine that was found in the Chevy SS cars or the time, just sent to the correct wheels in this application. Perfect back road racer. Can be found used for around $16,000 with about 50,000 miles.


Both are said to be pretty reliable (I can only speak for the Vue, and yes, it is) both can be found for a good price, and both are quite attractive cars. Plus I could move myself and four friends, or even tow a light pop-up camper in the Vue.

So, given the circumstances, what would be you practical garage?