If you have read any of Louis L’amour’s books, you have a mental image of southwestern Colorado. Durango was one of his favorite places; he owned a ranch there and often spent summers at a local hotel working on his novels. I recently visited there on a job interview, and was reminded of how awesome the Four Corners area is.

I’m seriously considering trading in my commuter-mobile for an FJ cruiser or 4Runner and enjoying hundreds of miles of absolutely nobody bothering me.

Here is a translation guide for my urban friends who might consider moving here:

“Walkable” If your car breaks down, you probably won’t have cell coverage, so.... yeah. Start walking.


“Traffic” Ranchers tend to travel at the same speed regardless of whether they are on a horse or in a car. If you end up behind an old pickup on a narrow road, just plug in your favorite podcast or audiobook and pretend you are on the 405.

“Mass transit” This refers to trailers loaded with cattle. I’m sure you could hitch a ride, and the experience would be similar to most metro systems. Actually it would be more reliable and a little cleaner than most US subway cars.

“Town” Any collection of two or more buildings, one of which is either a gas station, post office, or combination thereof.


Directions require a 50-year historical frame of reference; for example: “Turn left just past the pasture where Joe’s barn was before it burned down, then take a right on the dirt road where those Johnson boys rolled their daddy’s Oldsmobile”.

And remember, if someone asks how far away something is, answer in miles not minutes!