What would it take for crossovers to be acceptible? I mean purely from an on-road stand point. Is it the name? What if we said you were shopping for a “Highside” for your new daily or a “Fullbody” for the family? How about those 4-Door Coupe Crossovers simply getting the designation of being a “Slopeback” and leaving fastbacks, hatchbacks, and liftbacks alone? BMW X4 is a pretty vicious.

I’m not saying we should be an all CUV society or anything, I’m just saying they make perfect sense as a default vehicle. It’s not like US households own one vehicle and even the ones that do would be better served by a Cayenne than a Panamera...*cough cough* Who said that?! KILL THE HERETIC!!!

If you are an Oppo that owns a crossover can you really see being a one vehicle household and NEEDED to buy new could you really see choosing the sedan over the CUV when there isn’t a wagon option present?