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What would Oppo do?

So, between the white and yellow bike, I think I’ve got about $3000 worth of motorcycle.

Both of these bikes will be sold when the season comes around, so I’ll have about 3K to play with.

several options here:

#1: Buy all consumables for the year. That’s about $1500 of tires, and about $250 of oil, filters, coolant, brake pads, blah blah blah. and a new helmet.

Total: $2050

#2: Throw a bunch of parts at ebay. GSX-R rear wheel, LED / projectors, and everything from option 1.

Total : ~$ 3000

#3: Ignore the bike. get a full new set of gear. a textile jacket (250), a leather (600), new pants (leather) (400), new set of gauntlets (250), set of race boots (600) and a really nice helmet (800)

Total: $2900


Option 4: spend NONE of the money and set it aside for a new bike fund. Start working towards that MT-10 or Daytona 675R

What would Oppo do?

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