As most of you probably don’t know, I’m graduating in April of this year. Around June/July, I am planning on purchasing a new car. Judging by my name, you can probably tell I’m a fan of longer roofs. Over Christmas break, I took a test drive of a Focus ST and fell in LOVE. Along with that, my car was hit for the third time in six months by someone else, so I decided to take the money and stop fixing it (it’s drive-able and does not look terrible and no frame damage, most of the damage was metal under the skin.), leaving me with a good amount of additional money AND another reason for a new car, as well as a job in engineering to afford it**. I’ve had my desired spec ST picked out for a while, but I’ve always been a huge fan of wagons. Recently looking online, it seems that ‘14-15 Allroads are falling right near the price I’d be getting the ST at, or slightly more expensive but still affordable. I know I should #savethemanuals, but honestly I’ve always had a passion for wagons. I really am at 50-50 here, what does everyone think?

This (going for a similar look, but won’t ever spend that much for wheels):

Or this:


** P.S. If anyone knows someone looking to hire an engineer, I’m graduating magna cum laude in Chemical Engineering with 2 years of experience through my school’s co-op program!