We should make rubber bracelets to ensure our irresponsible automotive decisions.

I am thinking about autocross, as I have Sunchaser suspension upgrades planned for this year if business is good (FUCK the California raw milk price, but that is a different story). The car shows we have been doing show me that I’m don’t care if I win, I just dig car people.

I have loved cars since I was a kid, largely thanks to my dad. But for most of my life, the goal was a daily driver that I could afford and enjoy. As my situation has improved with age, I find myself with a fleet.

The best part is my wife loves these cars, and will fuck you up if you talk shit about her Cressida. As the Sunchaser restoration has progressed (2017 was the first year of road trip reliability) we have enjoyed traveling in it, and it actually helped us get through a rough patch in our marriage.


We have done vintage car rallies, and loved it. Maybe we get the Sunchaser ready to ‘cross, then the Cressida. V12/manual swap in the Cressida would make it invincible, and the wife has a competitive nature.....