What Would Oppo Do?

You are going 60mph in a 55mph zone, and approach an Accord and Outback Sport that have been side-by-side for over a minute, at approximately 55mph-ish....

You merge into the PASSING LANE hoping the car in the incorrect position (The Accord, the merged onto the highway earlier and went STRAIGHT for the passing lane for no reason) speeds up or moves over....


But the SECOND that you get behind them...

They brake check you?!?



Of course I went around them on the right, horn a-BLARIN’, passed the Subaru and went on my merry way. IN THE RIGHT/CORRECT lane.


The Subaru actually eventually also merged into the passing lane, and NEITHER car turned off the highway, and continued in the passing lane for miles until the right lane ended waaaayyyyyy farther down the road.

And yes, my state has a “Drive Right” law. Passing should only be done on the left.

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