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What would Oppo do?

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Since I’m at 205k miles my G37 and it’s got some needed but moderately expensive maintenance coming up, I’ve been thinking about selling it. I’ve had a couple of offers of $4800 that I’ve been tempted to go for. With that being said what would be the best replacement for $7000 or less?


I have an 80 mile commute 6 days a week. Must be good on the highway.

Must be reliable.

Nothing older than 2003.

Fuel economy isn’t a huge deal, but nothing worse than 18 mpg highway on regular and 22 mpg on premium.


The 3 categories of cars I like are sporty (Miata, MR2, Pontiac Solstice, etc), highway cruiser (Infiniti M45, Lexus LS430/460, etc), and off-road (Lexus GX470, Isuzu Vehicross, etc).

Other cars that don’t fit into those categories that I like include the turbo Acura RDX and Lexus SC430, among many others.

Given those requirements, what car would Oppo pick?

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