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My local dealer has a special event going on tomorrow to try and score some sales. I know because they mailed me a letter offering me about $3000 above book value on my BRZ, which is also roughly what I still owe on it. I’m planning to go see if they can magically turn my BRZ into a more practical and family friendly WRX that my wife could drive, too.


I’m also considering a lease, rather than buying. I have the Jetta Ute project and a motorcycle to satisfy my modification desires, as well as soak up some of the miles I’d otherwise put on the WRX if it was my only vehicle. Subaru has a lease deal going through the end of the month that would both reduce my monthly payment I’m making on my BRZ loan now, and the above book trade-in offer would absorb the down payment with wiggle room to spare if they honor it.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading on lease vs. buy, and as long as I don’t plan to make any permanent mods to the WRX, this might just make sense for me. Consider that I’ve had my BRZ for three years, have 45k miles on it without a project car soaking some of those up, and I owe about what it’s worth, meaning I’ve basically paid interest and depreciation as though I’d leased it. I’m a car slut, and will likely be ready for a new daily driver in three years anyway.


Sadly, they have no World Rally Blue cars in stock, which is The One True Subaru Color. But my wife digs this grey one, and I kind of like it too. This was my second choice color for my BRZ since they look like mini-Astons in dark grey (obviously the WRX doesn’t). Plus my gold summer wheels for the BRZ will bolt right onto a WRX and look much better than the stock black wheels. Finally, I’m a Subaru Ambassador, and could likely get an even better deal because of that.

Worst case, they don’t work outa deal that I’m happy with, I walk out, and I keep driving my BRZ indefinitely. I could think of many worse fates. I don’t NEED to ditch the BRZ, which puts me in a strong bargaining position, unlike when I bought my BRZ instead of dropping over $1k of work on my P71 to pass state inspection.


What does Oppo think?

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