Congratulations! You are the newly elected U.S. Senator to the great state of Kinja. Your first order of legislative business is a confirmation hearing.

You’ll have the chance to represent the good motoring citizens of Kinja as you question the nominee for Secretary of Transportation, Mr. Anthony Foxx.

The importance

Kinja has the highest person-to-racetrack ratio of any other state in America. Your constituency is deeply concerned about the future of transportation, particularly the automobile. You commitment to their passion is why they elected you.


Developing the questions

You lean back in your chair, looking at a photo of a ’63 split-window hung on the wall. It was the first thing you unpacked.


A pen rests atop a blank sheet of paper, adjacent to your third pour of Canadian Club. Your mind is racing.

Scribbled on the paper is, "What would the people of Kinja ask him?”

On May 22 at 2:30 pm, the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation will hold a confirmation hearing for the new Secretary of Transportation. If you want to watch the event if will be broadcasted live on the committee’s website at: