with $50,000?

So, quite often (more than I would like to admit), I daydream about what car I would buy if I had a spare $40-50k laying around to blow on a car.

For me, it always comes down to these two:

2004 Viper SRT-10 Mamba in white

2007 z06 Ron Fellows Edition (because white)


While the Viper may not be the best car for DD duties (or so I've read), it has always been a personal goal/dream of mine to own A viper, regardless of year/model/color/etc.; I love them all. It would be a disservice to myself not to at least drive/buy one and make my own opinions, and not base my decisions off of other people's reviews.

And the Z06 basically speaks for itself.

What would you guys buy with a budget of $50k? And by $50k, I mean $50k (not Doug Demuro's version of $50k).