What would you buy for around $20k USD?

Dear Oppo,

I come to you seeking advise, A month ago someone asked me what I would sell my 06 sti for and I responded 21k. I am not actively selling it, so 21k is my "number" thats the number I wouldn't turn down and I would entertain the idea of selling the car.


Well, today the person says they're in the market, and might be interested in the car. So, if I sell my car, I clearly need to buy another, but nothing seems to be ticking my fancy.

I have owned an e46 m3, an e36 m3, and currently an 06 sti. The only thing I can really think of as a good buy would be a used 5.0 mustang with track pack, e39 m5 (not the most reliable) or another e46 m3.


Brz/frs is too slow, Must be rwd or awd, preferably used with lower miles, 4 door or a coupe with a useable back seat for a 9 yearold.

Also open to the idea of car+mod cash but again, nothing really tickling my fancy. My dad owns an rx8, and while its a fantastic car, I cannot stretch its legs here in florida, no curves to be had.


SO whats out there that I am forgetting to consider?

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