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What Would You Buy: truck edition

My dad currently drives a GMC Envoy (2wd, I6) and enjoys 7mpg while towing his utility trailer that is almost permanently attached.

He’s due to retire in a year or so and might start towing a travel trailer around the states, but in the meantime, he wants to replace the struggling and thirsty and struggling Envoy with a crew cab pickup. Here’s are the requirements he sent me:

- four door

- decent fuel economy

- reliable

- gas or diesel (I don’t think he’ll really want a diesel, but I’d entertain the thought)


- can tow ~8000lbs

- 4x4 not required

- less than 70k miles

- budget is $12k

- location: Southern Utah

His last three vehicles have been a Mitsubishi Endeavor, a 1994 Toyota Truck (2wd, 5 speed, slow), and another one, identical to Dr. Zoidberg’s red Toyota (2wd, 5 speed, slower), so his trucks have always been on the small side.


He normally buys vehicles that are 15 years old, on their 5th owner, 150k hard miles, and falling apart. Budget is usually $3500, so having him set the budget at $12k made me fall off my chair in surprise.

What would you buy for $12,000?

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