What would you buy with $20-25k if...

... it had to be 2016+ and you were planning on keeping it until 2030, with maybe 10k miles added per year, and you were buying 6-12 months from today.

...you didn’t have kids

... you want AWD

... you want some power

... you want some fun

... you want some luxury (low NVH levels)

... reliability is a must

... manual would be nice but not a must.

... you already have a pickup.

... you already have a crappy city car to zip around.

I’ve never driven a Lexus GS350, but it seems it would be a nice option.

Acura TLX is still a strong contender.

MB C and E class, Audi A3/4/6, BMW 2/3/4/5/x1/x3 would all work, but I’m afraid of long term reliability.


Cadillac CTS V6 might be the bargain of the century - 2019's with MSRP of $60k and 20k on the clock are under $30k easily.

Volvo S90 T6 can be had in this price range, believe it or not. Volvo S60 T6, or V60 T6?


I’ve seen Giulias that match the criteria. I don’t think I’d have the guts to buy a used one.

I’ve seen brand new Genesis G70's for under $30k, so used ones can’t be that far away.


Lincoln Continental?

Everything but Lexus and Acura has me scared for long term ownership. But, this would be one of three cars in the garage for two of us, so not a huge deal time wise if it isn’t a huge deal money wise.


What would you buy oppo?

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