Welcome to what would you buy, where you can pretend to be someone else, if only for 5 minutes and make car buying decisions you would otherwise never be faced with.

Go for here Tuesdays edition.

You are the son of a very very wealthy oil tycoon that worries about nothing more than his next adventure in this world. Your latest idea, is to cross the desert, any desert, many desert's, but you'll need your maids, chef and posse in tow as well. For this purpose you'll need the following.

1) A Personal Vehicle, it can be whatever you want, as long as it has at least two seats and has the remote promise of being able to handle desert terrain.
2) A Supply Truck, you'll need plenty of Egyptian cotton sheets, caviar, food, vintage wine, champagne and a full wardrobe to make it even a day away from your usual comforts.
3) Two (or more) Personnel Carriers, armored if you so choose, to transport your loyal and very well paid servants (they'll be getting hazard pay for this one).
4) A flatbed truck with a full DJ setup to rock out in all those Desert towns you'll be visiting.
Bonus) Select a fleet of off-road vehicles for your flatbed truck.

In essence I sort of picture an Archer-esque person here.