So currently I drive a 2014 ford focus st. It is a lot of fun to drive but I have a wandering eye for a lot of other vehicles. I recently found a very clean 2000 impreza 2.5 rs coupe and I am seriously considering buying. Its bone stock except shift knob and radio which is so rare to find these days and has only 130k miles.. The head gaskets and timing belt were done at 125k and it has a clean and clear title.

So although the focus st is new and has a warrantee and a turbo and is way faster and I own it outright.... This little Scooby has grabbed my attention.

Alternatively the scooby means I can put about 12k into the bank (some of which will have to go into the car) and also save me about 700+ dollars a year in insurance and registration costs and still have a fun rare little Awd car to blast around the Rockies in....

there is so much more to all of this going through my head but I am asking you oppo...what would you do?

Here is a pic of an sti vs a rs for ur troubles.