Driving down a road with cars parked on both sides and only one lane of traffic. A cube van of some sort stops in front of me just stops in the middle of the road and the driver starts texting. After about 10 seconds, I give her two quick beeps and the passenger tries to wave me around the van, there is no room to go around the van. I give another couple quick beeps and wait about 10 seconds... Nothing. At all.

Then I fucking laid on the horn for 10 seconds and the passenger continues to flail her arms at me motioning me to go around in the space that isn’t there. Still nothing. Then I lay on the horn for 7 or so seconds and the passenger gets out, starts screaming at me that I can go around. Then I yell “You’re in the middle of the damn road” and she then realizes that there wasn’t enough space for me to go around and tells the driver to move.

I had places to be, so I think I was justified. I’m usually a calm driver, I only flip people off occasionally.