What would you do?

I’m going to try to bring my Mini over to Mini of Burlington at some point soon to have the power steering recall completed. I’m going to do it here at school since I am 20 mins from a dealer here at school as compared to 1:30 to the closest dealer to my house. The question is whether or not I have them fix my small coolant leak while I am there.

For background on Thanksgiving I noticed a small puddle in front of my drivers front tire. Open the hood and sure enough there was a puddle of coolant on top of my transmission. The Mini shop who does all the work on this car was not open between thanksgiving and when I needed to be back to school so I grabbed a gallon of coolant to top it off and brought that with me to school to manage the coolant level. Based on where the coolant was leaking to my mechanic believes that it is most likely the thermostat housing gasket.

So the question is do I have it fixed at the dealer here or keep an eye on it until I get home for break where my mechanic will fix it probably the week of the 20th. I am going to try to be at the dealer at some point before then anyway for the recall work and having them fix it gives me piece of mind for the next few weeks and the trip home. The catch is that the dealer costs money whereas my mechanic gave me a 12 month warranty for anything that may go wrong with the car (I bought the car from him) so it wouldn’t cost me anything to have it fixed back home. What would you do? Do you pay to have it fixed at the dealer or do you limp it along for 2 weeks and hope it doesn’t deteriorate and prevent you from completing a 220mi drive home where you can have it fixed at no cost? (side note: it got me up here fine on sunday, I am currently unaware of how much coolant it lost on that trip though as I haven’t had an opportunity to check it or drive it since)


Have a rally R50 (which apparently lives in my state) for your time.

EDIT: I just realized that I have a bit of an issue if the recall work takes more than 1 day. I would have to find a friend willing to drive me back and forth to the dealer since I wouldn’t have anywhere to park a loaner (parking pass is a windshield sticker and tied to my plates).

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