Would you keep it? Would you hurry to sell it?

Hypothetically, if your car’s manufacturer ceased operations in the U.S. for one reason or another (a la Saab and Suzuki and a few others), what would you plan to do?

I have two Mazdas in my household, and their sales have fallen over 27% from this time last year, which is surprising considering their relatively young product lineup at this point. I often wonder what their future will be in the U.S. if they don’t get another partner like they used to have with Ford.

Honestly, I’d probably try to find something else comparable as I don’t enjoy the idea of parts and service being more complicated than they already are (the dealer is 38 miles away). That being said, I am probably putting the cart before the horse as I am sure Toyota would step in long before Mazda left. Toyota has already seen they’ve got a good thing going with the iA (Mazda2). And Mazda has a Japan-only hybrid Mazda3 that uses Prius tech. As long as Toyota doesn’t make Mazda boring...