I have an all-access hot pass for Bristol this weekend. Now what!?

Okay, I go...but then what!?

As a result of family ties, Nascar has shot to the top of my auto racing radar. This change in interest also comes with the very good fortune of a change in vantage point. In other words, pit row (!!!) via all-access passes for the whole weekend including during the race! And Bristol is the first race I'll attend.

But I have a BIG problem with that!

I have no idea how best to enjoy what I am told is one of the greatest shows in all of Nascar. Looking at the track, it looks like they run this race in the middle of a football stadium. The only other tracks that I am familiar with, for scale, are Talladega and Atlanta. Let's take a look:


This place is a postage stamp!

I have a new and profound appreciation for what these drivers can do because they might as well be racing inside of 'Dega. Not the infield, but the infield parking lot. The South infield lot, not the North. Yeah, it's that small!


So being close to the action is not a concern; that's a given. But there's got to be a LOT I'll miss if I'm not paying attention, right? I mean, there are plenty of things vying for my attention. For instance...



People love Bristol for a lot of reasons, but if you believe commercials, the wrecks are reason #1. With driver safety coming as far as it has, I don't feel too bad saying that I'm excited about seeing a 36,550 horsepower game of high-dollar bumper cars booming away inside of an echo chamber. Forget the drivers thanking the sponsors, let ME be the one to thank the Target Axe Energizer Cotonelle Diet Mountain Dew Chevy for making that possible!!!

Pit Stops, or How to Build A Car from Tape in 13 seconds


And that brings us to the pits. Pit stops are exciting no matter the track or the event. It's the most well-orchestrated part of any race and it's impossible to fathom how those guys manage to service a car in the same amount of time it takes me to find the button to access the gas cap.

An up-close and personal pit-stop is far and above the one thing I am most excited about watching. But Bristol, with all of its crunched-sheet-metal goodness promises o so much more! How fast can you build a Nascar body out of duct tape?


What else am I missing!?

I don't know when I'll get this kind of opportunity again, and I am extremely grateful to those making this happen. But this is where YOU come in! Leave suggestions in the comments.


What are your best pro tips for making the most out of Bristol? Sure, the pits are great. But where is the best place to watch? And while the race is obviously what we're there for, what about practice and qualifying? Let's hear it in the comments!