So it got me thinking: the gearing of the 328i is such that both 5 and 6 are overdrives.

If you’re cruising on 6th gear on the highway at 100+ km/h / 60+ MPH, had to slow down to say 80 km/h / 50 MPH and accelerate again, e.g. to avoid some idiot merging into your lane, would you:

  • Downshift to 5, accelerate, then back to to 6
  • Downshift to 5, then 4, accelerate and back to 5 then 6
  • Skip shift to 4, accelerate then skip shift back into 6

I seem to do the first scenario the most (since Kristin is only a 5MT with 1 overdrive only), but it seems like it’s bad to lug the engine in overdrive, especially for turbo engines. Maybe I should get used to downshifting through 2?