Things are coming together for me to compete in the SCCA's semi-professional F1600 Championship Series this year and I want to run a YouTube channel to document my season and share my experiences. I'm planning on uploading each race using a format similar to this guy:

Except I'd do commentary after the race instead of during. Right now we're converting the car to use an unmodified Honda Fit engine and I've been documenting that with a time lapse. I'd like to do a vlog each race weekend, showing everyone some "behind-the-scenes" type stuff too. But beyond that I'm not sure what to do. My goal is to upload a video every week once things are up and running, but I don't really know what would interest people. There's one race meeting a month, and if I can afford it I'll try to do a race or two in Canada but that's still a lot of space to fill. I'd like to reach beyond the racing fans and appeal to the general automotive and sport enthusiast as well.

So if you guys have any ideas let me know. Is there anything you've ever seen regarding junior formula racing that made you think 'I wonder how they do that' or 'I wonder what that's like?'

(Bonus picture of my car when I ran it in the UK! I'm planning on using the same livery.)