Just a random thought, what with Forza 6 coming (partially) to PC soon. There are a lot of things that still haven’t been included in the franchise and really should be. So here’s my wishlist:

1. Corner workers. Even really poorly rendered ones. It can’t be terribly hard to make them aware of slow/wrecked cars in their area, and even easier to know if a higher-class car or one that’s at least a lap ahead and in one of the top positions is within X distance of you, to give a blue flag.

2. Building onto that, track hazards. They can fade after a few laps, but when a car goes off the track, it should trail some dirt back on and slightly reduce traction there. After a crash, they should also occasionally spill oil and greatly reduce traction. Debris should also pose a hazard to tires, bodywork, and/or the undercarriage.

3. And with that, red flags and/or FCYs. If there is “too much” crap on the track, or a fully disabled car (another thing that should happen) you just get into the pits or behind the safety car, the game takes over for a moment, everything disappears, and then you can go again.

4. Different colors for front and rear rims.

5. Window decals.

6. Chrome/gold/CF/etc. available for decals instead of just base color.

7. Upgraded headlights for night racing.

8. More “fun” race types, like one where half the field is going clockwise around the track, while the other half is going the other way.


9. A never-ending straightaway for top-speed runs.