If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

What Would you Pick?

Entry-level German luxury saloons Edition

In this corner, we have the melty butt Mercedes CLA250.


And in this corner the "oh god are we sure it isn't an A4" Audi A3

Both start at 29,900.

Both have turbocharged 4-cylinder engines. The Benz making 208 horsepower, the Audi making 170 or 220 horsepower depending on which engine.


Both have available AWD. Quattro probably being a bit better than 4Matic.

Both have dual-clutch transmissions, the Audi's having 6 gears, the Benz having 7.


So, what we have here is a pretty even match, most of people's choices will probably come down to what badge they want.

Conclusion: I'd just say screw it to both and buy a Buick Regal GS AWD.


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